snapshot #1: New Year

“Happy New Year!”

This is what every single text I got today looked like.  I would squint at the bright glowing screen of my blackberry -that I hate- and read the same line five times from people I barely talk to.
I groaned and turned off my phone because it was around three o’clock in the morning. Just because some people partied and got into drunken brawls and make out sessions, doesn’t mean ALL of us do. In fact, I spent my new year at home watching thousands of people I don’t know stand in the middle of Time Square kissing each other and listen to musical artist I enjoy listening to.

What was my family doing you ask?

Sleeping, lovely.

So when the new year came this year, I grabbed the sparkling wine out of the fridge, poured myself a glass as Dick Clarke counted down from twenty, and cheered to 2011.
I spent the rest of the night watching Ryan Seacrest. Which believe me, sarcasm alone cannot describe how awesome that is.



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