snapshot #6: Snow

I was pissed.
I didn’t want snow days or vacations from school like this. I opened to front door and stared outside shocked. There was already about three inches of snow covering the roads and it had just started snowing. I stepped outside and felt the soft freshly fallen snow with my hands and smiled slightly. The kid in me wanted to run out and roll around in the snow, but the teenager on the outside decided agaisnt that idea.

Way too cold to do that in Pjs.

The snow continued to fall as the temperature dropped further and further below freezing. I knew there’d be no school the next day, I just didn’t choose to believe it.  Plus I didn’t want to buy my friend a candy bar for the bet I have apparently lost.
The next morning my phone vibrated on the table next to my bed. It was my friend.

“I’d like a Twix Bar, see you tomorrow.”

I groaned and texted back, “fine…”

However, school was canceled the next day, and then the day after that, and now school is finally canceled Thurday too. The beginning stages of cabin fever is upon me. The roads are unsafe, and I’ve done all my homework. What else is there to do?

But order a pizza, because it’s their job to deliver during harsh conditions, since you know, you can’t leave your house.


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