about snapshot fiction

Snapshot Fiction is a blog of multiply snapshots of Chris Lawrence’s life, both completely fictitious and true.

Chris Lawrence is a eighteen year old senior in her final semester of high school. She decided one night to document her final months of lonely hell and (possibly) exaggerate it a bit for fun.

Always writing since the seventh grade Chris found a love for it, and now wishes to one day soon, write a novel.
She sincerely hopes people of all ages will read and enjoy whatever she writes about and wishes for fame kind of like Twilight, just with less middle-aged women and their daughters screaming like rapid fan-girls.

Her other love is psychology and will be studying the science in college this fall at Kennesaw State University (Go Owls!).
Chris also had a love for Asian dramas, anime and manga, photography, music, and interesting vintage finds.


4 responses to “about snapshot fiction

  1. I love your blog background. How did you do this?

    I too love vintage, (analogue) photography and psychology. All the best :)

    • Awesome, my first comment! Thanks for being the first by the way. I’m glad we share interests.
      My background, well on some of the themes they allow you to change the background. My theme is Pilcrow, and when you look under Appearance on your dashboard it will say background.
      As for mine, I went on photobucket and found a picture I liked and had it repeat and set it on fixed.
      Hope this helps. :)

  2. Ah and here comes comment #2!
    I don’t think my theme allows to change background. Yeah, that helped a lot currently shopping around for a new theme anyway.
    Will pop by here once in awhile to see how your blog’s going, might even add you on my ‘Interwebbers of Interest’ page ;)

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