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snapshot #3: School Begins

Getting up at 5:50 AM was quite difficult.

The alarm would shout and scream, and I would scream right back. It woke me up, but by the time I smashed snooze, I would somehow be magically sleeping again. unfortunately the alarm would scream ten minutes later.

I sighed a lot that morning as I was preparing for the day ahead. With each task I completed I sighed feeling school approaching with each minute, and by the time I was finished, I stood by my bedroom door, book bag in hand and pen in mouth, sighed, and shut off the light. I pulled the door shut behind me and descended the stairs with dread.

It was loud and crowded.
Freshmen blocked the hallways, and girls screamed at each other and then hugged like they haven’t seen each other in years. I rolled my eyes and started shoving. I wanted to get from point A to point B, was that so much to ask?

From the amount of curse words, kissed teeth, and rolled eyes I got, yes, apparently. This was only the beginning though, I had the rest of the day, and three more full days after that to live through.

I can’t wait for Summer.


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snapshot #2: Grocery Store Run-ins

I walked into Wal-mart with a feeling of dread.

It’s not that I dislike Wal-mart. It’s a decent store with everything one would want in one outing. Walk ten steps and you’re in the clothing section, step to your right and look, FOOD!

It’s just that I walked into Wal-mart knowing I was going to see someone I know. I hate that feeling because it usual comes true, but it’s not that I’m so completely unsocial that I hate meeting up with people or running into them at the local store. It’s just some days you like to be alone with family or just plain alone.
So for the entire visit, I was looking over my shoulder scanning the ales like a robot on a mission (I think I scared some kids like this). We finally got to the cashier and I thought I was in the clear, but no, God doesn’t like me that much.  Our cashier was an acquaintance from class.

I sighed inwardly and smiled big, cause maybe if I smile big enough she will be turned off by my awkward smile and stop talking to me, maybe.
After fifteen minutes of awkward conversation (my mother’s gift card wouldn’t work, just my luck), I trucked it out of the busy Wal-mart and hurried to the car. As we were unloading the bags I heard my name being shouted, and a figure was waving across the way.

I groaned, it was my neighbor.


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