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Snapshot #9: I’m Sorry.

I made a new blog to replace this one. It will be updated WAY more. I WILL be faithful, and I believe this is a little more, me. :/

thank you everyone who read this blog, and was faithful. Please continue to do the same for Somewhat Competent.

Thank you, and again, I’m sorry.
-Chris Lawrence


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snapshot #5: Running Wild

The girl ran with determination through the crowded street like hallway. Her face gave away nothing as to lead anyone to understand where she was going, and what for. The crowds parted for her as she ran, and a few students shouted at her in an arrogant fashion.

When she finally stopped running she was in the principles office. Her heart was pounding and her breath was staggered. The principal looked up surprised and her parents turned around to look at her.

“What’s going on here?” she asked with as much breath as she could manage. Her eyes darted back and forth from her parents to her principle.

When no one replied, she became angry and shouted, “WHY ARE YOU HERE!?” Her hair long brown hair covered her face as she breathed in heavily from overexerting herself.  When she didn’t get an answer from that she screamed and smashed all the awards and books off the shelf one row at a time.

Her parents sat in shock as they witnessed their daughter’s behavior for the first time. The principle, shocked as well, called in for one of the coaches. She was beginning to get out of control.
When she finally stopped was too scared to find out the answer to her question, so she ran. She kept running until she got outside and ran and ran until she was in the street and…

The track coach came running after her. He thought she got hit by a car when he saw her dart into the busy intersection, but when he reached over the hill blocking the road, she was gone.

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